I Love This Shop is a concept that has developed and grown over the years we have spent in the party variety business where we were finely tuning the range of products we were offering to our customers over a number of brick and mortar stores all over Victoria.

Over time we came to perfect our offering to the point where the customers would consistently tell us how much they “love this shop”. And so I Love This Shop as we know it today was born.

With our customers in mind we decided it was time to share the love and bring our concept online so that more people would have access to what we have to offer. As you might notice, unlike most party shops we take our selection a step further to bring you the best products we can find in a multitude of areas, like party supplies, party ware, balloons, confectionery and cake decorating to start with and art & craft, gift ware, home ware, pet products and much more still to come, all at extremely affordable prices.

In saying so we make it our business to give you the experience of shopping at a specialty store while enjoying the pricing of a discount store.

We are confident you will not find a better one stop shop for everything you might think of.

And though it can be easy to forget with our extensive range you should always remember …