Let’s do some cake piping together. In this section, you’ll find everything you’ll need for piping cakes if you’re an advanced cake decorator or are just starting out!

What you’ll need: Firstly, you’ll need a piping tip, or what some like to call a piping nozzle. The tips come with holes in different shapes and sizes, to achieve any effect you want. Start researching and find the tip you’ll need for your creation under piping tips, or even get your hands on piping tip sets to find collections of tips with similar characteristics or effects. Next, you’ll need a piping bag – for this, you can use any food-grade firm bag with sharp edges, you just need to cut the edge slightly, to fit the nozzle from the inside out. However, if you want to feel super professional, choose one of the high-quality ones here – we’ve got plenty! Choose professional disposable piping bags to save yourself some time cleaning them, or get your hands on the high-quality reusable ones we’ve currently got in stock and be eco-friendly while you’re at it. Which design will you try to recreate first?

Piping Tips & Bags